Start Small…

It starts with a thought. I decided last minute to do a booth with my neighbor at my son’s school Holiday Shopping Extravaganza (happening tomorrow). I had an idea to make the display like a barn/farm scene. I sketched it out on paper (please don’t send me requests for architectural design projects 🤪). With the help of a family friend cutting some plywood and cedar planks, this is what we made. I love it when an idea in my brain (I have too many) actually comes out the way I had envisioned. When we first moved to TN almost 2 years ago, I kept driving by a little white abandoned schoolhouse/church and a voice kept whispering at me and tugging at my heart. I wasn’t sure what but a few months ago I decided to call the city, county clerk, registrar office, historical records, the commissioner, the state and over a dozen calls and emails later, the property seems to be a mystery- no record of taxes being paid since it’s non exempt and unfound registered owners. I haven’t given up but that whisper and tug is developing into a dream…of someday…turning it into Farm-Charm/Lina’s Legacy where there will be a humongous farmhouse table where single moms/moms in general can come, create, shop, have coffee, talk, drink tea, eat scones, and share their hearts, be counseled or counsel other women. Women will have jobs there and pursue their dreams with support in different ways. I don’t know how it will all work but I asked God to keep this fire burning where I can’t ignore it and make it clear as to what my next steps are. In the meantime, I feel like this little craft display is a start and a reminder to just start small. This is a mini version of what I envision for this mysterious property…a barn, white fence, silos, red truck and people…with dreams…helping others achieve theirs and doing what they love and creating a legacy for others to do the same. ..

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