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I believe we are all born with a dream instilled in us.  As we get older, we often ask ourselves the question, what is our purpose and what is our passion?  I used to envy people who, at a young age, knew exactly what they wanted to be.  Whether it be a doctor, lawyer, fireman, nurse, etc, they knew!  Growing up in a broken home, I grew up with a dream to be a Mom!  I didn’t have a passion to be a specific profession, except maybe to be a secretary because I thought typing was really cool when I was younger…now, not so much.  Haha.  Well my dreams and desires came true almost 10 years ago.  I was blessed to be a Mama to an amazing little boy who took over 40 hours to come out, finally forced out by an Emergency C-Section.  It was basically an ER episode, without George Clooney or Dr. McDreamy.  He came out healthy and we were thrilled parents.  Then came another one almost 4 years ago and she’s beautiful, witty, feisty, strong willed and full of emotions!  Both are fearfully and wonderfully created by God.  But as much as I love being a Mom, there’s always been something missing like I was meant to do something more.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids with all my heart, but watching Paw Patrol and building legos have their limitations.  So, throughout the years, I have enjoyed “creating” custom made cards, fondant cakes, parties, home decor, jewelry, and the list goes on.  Creating fulfills that passion inside of me that I firmly believe the ultimate Creator put in me, in all of us!  Creating comes in different shapes and forms for people.  We all create in different ways.  I create a home for my family first and foremost.  And then, I create things with the gift and talent God has given me.  So I’m pursuing my calling to create in ways that I hope blesses others around me and encourages other people to go after their dreams and desires.  After all, God’s first “job” that we know of was creating the world, people and animals.  I’m just following in fulfilling that dream that He has instilled in me.  So 43 years and counting… of labor and dreaming…FarmCharmByRoz is being delivered to you and I’m excited to share it with you as it grows and I hope that you watch and come along our journey!

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