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    New Designs and Photography

    My brother gave me his old Nikon D40 camera recently so I tried my hand in photography! Wow, what a difference a good camera makes in taking product photos! I’m still a newbie but going to practice, practice, practice! Because practice makes progress…never perfection! And I’m kind of a perfectionist so it looks like I will be taking lots of shots in the near future. But in the meantime, here are a few shots of new products I’ve added to the site. Check out the Barn Red Shiplap Earrings just in time for Christmas along with some other fun new wooden jewelry!

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    Start Small…

    It starts with a thought. I decided last minute to do a booth with my neighbor at my son’s school Holiday Shopping Extravaganza (happening tomorrow). I had an idea to make the display like a barn/farm scene. I sketched it…

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