Welcome to Farm-Charm By Roz! 

I originally started this as a home decor site but it gradually became more of a jewelry and accessories line.  I LOVE to create!  It’s a gift I was blessed with and I want to use it to bless others.  These are handmade with LOVE and I hope you feel that when you’re wearing them!  I hope you feel beautiful because YOU are!  I've created one of a kind wooden shiplap earrings because... hello JoJo!  I love to work with wood, leather (some with added bling) and keep true to that Farmhouse Flair!  I continually add more designs so keep checking back to see what's in stock! 

But as much as I love jewelry, because let’s face it, just like shoes, you can never have enough...I have a bigger dream beyond jewelry.  I was raised by a Single Mom who supported 4 kids on her own.  She passed away at age 54 from brain cancer.  My life was forever changed.  I learned hard work and determination by watching her everyday do her very best to provide for us.  My dream is to create “Lina’s Legacy”, an organization to help support moms (especially Single Moms) with their dreams.  I realized how much my Mom would have benefitted had she had some support, whether it was financially, emotionally, or just to have a break from us kids, to do something else besides work.  I don’t know how this will all look and the logistics to make this dream happen but God is bigger than my dream and Farm-Charm is my vehicle to get there!  

I'm DREAMING... of a beautiful farmhouse, a shop with products created by women, part coffeehouse/teahouse with delicious goodies baked by women, served by women, a big farmhouse table where women can share a cup of coffee along with life's challenges coupled with shared victories, a big red barn stocked with donations of non perishable foods, toiletries, other products needed by single moms where they can shop for free and get the support they need.  So many other ideas but this is how I envision "Lina's Legacy" to be....A place to empower other women to help each other thrive, dream, and where the ripple effects of love and kindness happen.

In the meantime, I'm starting small.  Big Things often start small!   Every month, I'm choosing a deserving Single Momma that you nominate, to receive a little special gift to show her she is thought of, seen, and loved!  So if you know of a Single Momma who could use a little sparkle in her life, please submit a note about her and her mailing address (email to: rosalynn@farm-charm.com) and I will put her on the list to be gifted something (on me)  to brighten her day!  In your submission, please let me know if you would like this to be an anonymous gift or if you wish to let her know who it came from!

So, Happy Shopping and know that when you purchase these products, it’s supporting a dream that prayerfully can help someone else’s dream!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Live loved,




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